About Mike Storseth


Thanks for dropping by.

My name is Mike Storseth. I am a senior-level designer with over 15 years of professional experience in information, experience and visual design. I help users get from here to there comfortably, while helping business improve its bottom line. I love what I do.

I believe that good design can only happen inside of a deliberate process that values users/customers, business and functional stakeholders.

Definition of flow and interaction are what I would select as my core strengths; but I am a generalist and am skilled and accomplished in a much wider range of activities falling under the UX umbrella, including: user research, stakeholder interviews, information architecture, content strategy, visual/UI design and copywriting.

I have lead design work on a multitude of significant, high-visibility projects for many recognizable companies, including: AT&T MobilitySMART Technologies, Microsoft, T-Mobile, EMC/IsilonDomainTools and ING Direct/ShareBuilder.

I’ve also been a successful business owner, spending six years marketing and selling my services as a boutique design studio (print and Web), and remaining busy and profitable through the entire period (including through “the dot com bust”).

My work in all of these positions has required the presentation of a flood of complex data in simple-to-understand, meaningful and actionable ways.

If you’d like to talk together about how I might be able benefit your product’s experience, I’d be excited to have that conversation—you can reach me at mike@uxprofessional.com.