DomainTools UX Infrastructure

I redesigned the major site infrastructure at (DomainTools LLC), an online subscription service offering a variety of data collection and analysis tools for domain names, targeted toward users in the legal, internet, and domain name industries.

The Problem:

The website and tools were outdated in design and had very serious usability and customer acquisition/retention issues. At the same time, the business was moving from a single membership level model to a ‘freemium’ model with three paid membership levels.

The Solution:

My work consisted of finding and prioritizing problems with the DomainTools product offerings and redesigning those products as the sole UX/UI designer within the company. I conducted research on a product-by-product basis in the form of before-after log and performance analytics, customer calls, surveys, card sort activities and live walkthroughs.

My major redesign and from-scratch projects in my time at DomainTools included:

  • Complete Information Architecture & Site Navigation
  • Account Setup Funnel
  • User Authentication & Password Retrieval Systems
  • Account Management System
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout Systems
  • Inline Help and Accessible Knowledge Base
  • Whois Search Results Page
  • Registrant Search Report Product
  • Live Auction Interface
  • Domain Manager and Domain Manager Setup Wizard
  • Style Guide

My efforts in each of these projects included research, concepting, interaction/behavioral design and visual/UI design.

Immediately below are a few sample documentation excerpts—you can see detailed design documentation with your provided password.

The Results:

The results? Along with anecdotal praise from customers and vastly improved usability testing results, this work has been directly attributed to:

  • A 4% increase in total new account creations
  • A 11% increase in proportion of premium memberships to free memberships
  • A 13% increase in recurring members actually paying to continue membership
  • A 32% increase in the value of recurring memberships

Immediately below are a few screenshots from the project: